Betty’s Island

Pale Kellerbier

Kellerbier is an obscure style here in the United States, so until recently we have categorized Betty’s Island as a “Bavarian Style Blonde Ale.” Kellerbier is an early lager style originating in Franconia, Bavaria in the latter half of the Middle Ages. They had no refrigeration technology, so brewers made their beer during the cool months of the year and lagered them in caves. Some used top fermenting yeast, and some used bottom fermenting. Ours is top fermenting. It is unfiltered, but long cold storage eventually clarifies it, though it is fully conditioned and good to drink while still hazy.

Overall Impression: Tastes like an ale masquerading as a Bavarian lager. Mild fruitiness from ale yeast, plus notes of honey and bread complemented by classic noble hop aroma. Approachable, but far more interesting than the typical thin macro lager.

Profile: Rich golden color. A thick, pure white head diffuses subtle aromas of honey, bread, and floral hops. Some very mild fruitiness does distinguish it from a German lager. Effervescent and aromatic. Pilsner and Vienna malts provide a little backbone in the mid-palate. Finishes clean, with a mild and rapidly fading noble hop character.

  • Betty’s Island
  • Kellerbier
  • 5.1% IBU 17